About witsig

The name witsig is in memory of the long-gone CompuServe forum, WITSIG. The original fora on CompuServe were called Special Interest Groups, or SIGs. WITSIG was the SIG for witty discussions, jokes and inanity--this all at a time well before the Internet as we know it today.

I would like to say that witsig.org will carry on the great traditions started back in those glorious days of dumb terminals and 300 baud modems, but I can't. Frankly, I've just stolen the name.

A fragment of the old forum still exists as a section of Doug Pratt's COMICS forum, and can be found here.  The WITSIG section had at first disappeared when CompuServe moved the US forums to the web-only Prospero system in August of 2004, but was apparently resurrected by popular demand in late September of 2004.

I was once informed in the mid-1990s of the existence of a secret private CompuServe forum which happened to have as regular members a great many of the old WITSIG forum wags. Since admittance to it was by invitation only and all members had signed scary non-disclosure agreements, so my informant told me, any further information about it would be hard to come by.  That was indeed the last I ever heard of the mysterious forum, but if it has somehow survived the sale of CIS to AOL and the migration of forums to the web-based system, that is where the last vestiges of the WITSIG wit live on, other than in Doug Pratt's forum.